Companies                     Introduction


Trading Business Units

  • Representation & Projects Services
  • Office & Meeting Solutions
  • Agro & Chemical
  • Safety & Security Solutions
  • Information Mgmt. & Data Storage
  • Analytical & Medical Systems
  • Automotive


PACIFIC GROUP (PG) is a group of trading and manufacturing companies organized under one management and has a business history of more than three decades. Pacific Group has professed in representing International Corporations for the development of its businesses in Nepal by providing relentless support and services to secure projects and businesses.

PG has proven its strength in different fields such as Trading (Office equipments, Medical equipments, Analytical equipments, Dental equipments, Automobiles, Security equipments, etc), Manufacturing, Hotel-Tourism, Education, ICT & BPO, Health and Finance. The PG's mission is to make innovation accessible to its customers for their development and for the overall development of the nation.