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Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

Pacific Group represents diverse, leading, globally recognized international companies for business development partnerships. Our expertise in product selection, partnership development, system integration, technology and process compliance, market development, brand management and more ranges from 'concept' to ‘delivery’ and beyond. We are devoted to integrating innovative research ideas and products with ongoing projects as well as introducing novel strategies in creating public and key stakeholder awareness. This strategy has enhanced our position to emerge as a research and innovation trendsetter in various national projects and domains.

Project and Business Incubation

We assure our partners of dedicated support in our Joint Venture and Channel/Reseller/Captive business streams. We have the resources to manage logistic requirements, contextual business promotion, and product delivery timeframes. Our team of dedicated managers and key resource personnel have decades of industry, government, delivery, system integration, and local resource management experience. This includes Market Analysis, Needs Assessment, Tender Preparation, Legal Documentation, Business Plan Formulation, Execution and Implementation, Project Delivery, Support Contract Execution, and much more.

The companies, brands, technologies we represent and collaborate with is a reflection and natural extension of our core philosophy of excellence. Our growth story is laid on the founding principles of Quality Delivery and Customer Aspirations.

A plethora of global brands and businesses seek to enter the Nepali market and require an effective brand management and a realistic revenue generation journey. Pacific provides expert level technology management support and business generation services to secure major high value projects and long term revenue generation businesses which is today one of the main area of business. We have secured many projects for our principal companies utilizing our expertise in securing and implementing support for such projects.

Tender and Bid Management

Pacific Group’s legal and business experts have decades of experience in managing local resources and ensuring time sensitive management of project preparation documentation through legal channels. We are committed to comply with all national procurement and tender policies. Our team is adept at deciphering the complex legal formalities and fiscal responsibilities to ensure maximum value to our clients.

System Integration and Implementation

Our technology and support team has hands-on experience along with internationally recognized training achievements. Our team has delivered excellent quality of service in the most difficult terrains. These include the high Himalayan range at abc, high wind regions of abb, coldest regions of aba, in almost all weather conditions around the year. Our core strength is our human resources, and the SII Team is representative of that value addition by the Pacific Group.

Project Execution and Handover

Project and Business success is a measurement of planning and revenue generation and management. Our Project Execution Team has a long and successful history of managing and delivering commissioned projects to our national clients. This includes documentation, language support, local contextualization, local government expectation management, local community mobilization and much more.

Extended Maintenance

Pacific designs almost all its projects and business ventures through a sustainable revenue generation model, which requires providing both technical support, business consptation, and value added resources. Our experience in brand management and brand extension through local end user expectations, client end user requirements, business manager limitations, and leadership initiatives is unparalleled. We leverage the unique combination of these client data points to generate new business opportunities while providing support in our current clients across multitude domains and products