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Pacific Group Domains

Pacific Group Domains

The Pacific Group has business and technology domains spread over myriad end user centric divisions. These include Stoichiometry Analysis Systems, Digital Technologies, Business Incubation Services, Representation and Liasoning Services, Research and Education, Consumer Products, Automobiles, Medical Equipment, Hospital Management Systems, Agriculture and Chemicals, and Paper Conversion.

Business Innovation Division

Other area of business has been diversified area of Trading (Office equipments, Medical equipments, Analytical equipments, Telecom systems, Aviation systems, Security systems, power tools, agro chemicals, etc), Apart from that PG has invested into Manufacturing of stationery products, Health Education and Finance. The PG's mission is to make innovation accessible to its customers for their development and for the overall development of the nation.

PCC has business history since 1978 AD the dawn of foreign trade in Nepal, which was re-structured in the year 1992. Three decades of experience in Export & Import Business, representing various international and multi-national companies from abroad, PCC has gained good reputation in and outside the Nepal.

PCC's major activity is to actively engage in representing foreign companies and secure projects for them. PCC provides valuable project information, logistic support for projects, local human resource management for such projects. (project experiences and reference available on request) The company is very highly technology oriented company with specialization in the field of Telecom, Aviation, Medical and scientific business, Power sector, etc.

PCC also undertakes various kinds of projects in Nepal jointly with foreign companies. PCC has been representing many companies from different parts of the world such as Denmark, Finland, USA, UK, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium , South Africa, Lithuania, etc. for facilitating the sales of their products and services in Nepal.

PCC 's imports market division imports wide range of engineering equipment, office equipment, data storage product, electronic security systems, scientific and analytical systems, telecommunication equipment, and many more.

In brief, PCC is an organization specialized in the project promotion, business securing activities as well as imports and distribution business.

Global Representation Division

This division is dedicated for representing various companies for the purpose of taking care of the business interest of any foreign countries. We provide pre business information, business securing, product introduction, logistics, project implementation services, etc to ensure that the business is awarded and successfully implemented in cost effective manner. We have made every endeavor in converting this trade once considered as personalized service into a professional and corporate system. We have secured several projects for many companies. Our market credibility and connections have been extremely useful in securing the business. We are actively involved in this area and government is the largest customer. We have work experience with all types of companies from Multinational manufacturing and/or trading companies for various projects from all over the world.

Office Market Division (OMD)

OMD is fully autonomous division dedicated in providing hi-performance equipment and after sales services for uninterrupted office automation. OMD is backed by efficient group of marketing and technical people who are fully capable and have all the knowledge required for the operation of the products and after sales services leading to continuity in office automation. This division mainly works in the area of Multi function printing, network products, display systems, IT infrastructure , etc.

Technology & Innovation Division (TID)

PCC Works with globally renowned scientific companies like Shimadzu Coroporation, NEC Corporation, 3M, Grimm, ERA,PSP, Aerothai, etc. and market their products in Nepal. PCC has been marketing tech scientific and technological Nepal and have introduced for the first time in Nepal in varios areas. We have qualified group of engineers and technicians. All our technical personnel have been trained in their respective fields. PCC conducts regular trainings and sends its technical staff abroad to enhance their skill level so that they can easily adapt to the fast changing technology. Our technical staff has a very good record on service and been outstanding in providing best solutions to our customers. Regular visits to clients for maintenance are a part of their daily routine. PCC pays special attention on after sales services and focuses on "customer delight".

PCC has factory certified IQ/ OQ engineers in the field of Analytical Science and carries validation of the equipment. There are currently a full time technical team from various steam including electronics, communication, electrical, mechanical civil, Microbiologist and Pharmacist under this division. The division installed first Robotic System for biological sample analysis as well as AI based laboratory systems. It has recently been awarded FDA Compliant LIMS in Nepal.

Our engineers have carried mission critical installations like installing Communication, Nagivation and surveillance systems for Civil Aviation purpose at various sites, Flight Information Display system at various airports, electronic security installations for Parliament, Police and airports, Complete turnkey Airport LAN, CT scan, Hi tech scientific instruments, etc.

The division has sub contract experience of installing many turnkey installations for many reknowned multinational companies for govt. projects

Medical Equipment Division (MED)

This division is actively involved in the sales and service of medical equipment. With the authorized distributorship of SHIMADZU CORPORATION - Japan , PSP - Japan, etc. PCC has installed various medical equipments at various medical institutions in Nepal. PCC was able to win the first ever tender of solid-state detector CT SCAN in the country. Factory trained engineers and sales personnel are present to meet all customer requirements right from enquiry to after sales service.

Analytical Instrument Division (AID)

PCC started Analytical Instrument Division representing Shimadzu Analytical Instrument of Shimadzu Corporation, which is one of the world's leading manufacturers of Analytical Instruments. In the short span of time, PCC has covered more than 75% percent of analytical instrument market in the pharmaceutical sector in Nepal. Other sectors of coverage are food labs, testing laboratories, food and beverage industries, Regulatory authorizes, etc.. PCC has privilege to install first Robotic in line Biological sample testing system in Nepal and also leader in MASS SPECTROMETRY technology in Nepal.

Security Solutions Division (SSD)

PCC has been providing wide range of products related to safety and security. These solutions mainly include Xray scanners for airports and other highly secured premises, Surveillance Camera, Biometry Solutions, etc. Till date PCC has provided its safety and security products and services to numerous HMG Offices, financial institutions, industries and private organizations including projects in Bhutan.

PCC supplied baggage Xray system to Pri-minister's office to diplomatic agencies in Nepal.

Industrial Chemicals and Agro Chem Division


SITCO is another trading unit under PG. SITCO deals with printing solutions and most of the printing houses in Nepal use printing solutions provided by the company. It supplies paper and printing machine from various countries. All major presses in the country use printing press supplied by SITCO including the national newspaper like Gorkhapatra, The Rising Nepal, Kantipur, The Kathmandu Post, Samacharpatra, Space Time Daily etc. SITCO is involved in taking care of all the printing requirement of these daily papers.
SITCO is also the authorized dealers of Arysta Chemicals ( A UPL company ) and is leader in seed treatment and other agro chemical business line. It also distributors for Agrinos and Bio-trends and have started to promote organic and biological materials for agriculture.


Shrestha Copany handles various power tools and mechanical solutions for various industries. It represents companies like SNAP ON, Rallies, METAFAB , etc.


This is handled separately under SHRESTHA COMPANY with 2 offices in Kathmandu and dealers all Nepal.

Digital Technologies Division


SMART is a software organization of PG, which is specialized in banking solutions, web based systems, representation of foreign software companies, etc. IMS offers consultancy, system integration and designer solutions.

SMART gives a total business approach for more effective process control over visibility of operations; enable process standardization, enterprise information security, and swift response to address business changes as it happens and maximize your money value on IT spending.

SMART has the tools to capture, store, manage, protect and share information to retain and regenerate your enterprise knowledge & attain your business goals.


Paper Products Manufacturing Unit


ACAI is one of the leading paper converters in Nepal and marketing various stationeries including Carbon Papers, Typewriter Ribbon, telex Roll, Fax Roll, Toilet tissues, varieties of Files, Registers, Day-books, Ledgers, envelope etc. with the brand name "ASHOKA".

It is one of the largest stationery manufacturing companies in the country and covers about 17% (estimated) of the market. The factory is equipped with modern printing & manufacturing machineries.

The products are marketed throughout the country through 300 dealers in the different part of the country. ACAI has a brand name technically collaborated with KORES - Austria for production of International Standard Carbon Paper in the country with KORES Brand

Research and Education Division


Lord Buddha Educational Academy came to existence to fulfill the mere objective of developing the nation by imparting excellence in the educational sector. The PACIFIC GROUP owns the major share of this college which is the largest medical college of Nepal. It is established to impart an international standard education system in the field of medical science and research. The college started the MBBS course in 1997, Nursing program in 2000 and post Graduate in various clinical subject in 2007. NGMC fulfils the recommendations of Nepal Medical Council, Medical Council of India and other Medical Councils of SAARC countries and abroad. It follows the curriculum prescribed by Kathmandu University. Special emphasis is laid on clinical training from day one.

"Excellence in Medical Education" is the motto of N.G.M.C. It envisages an idea to develop a wholistic approach by incorporating basic ideas of traditional medicine, which have been proved to be of scientific value and are being used for preventing diseases and promoting health all over. The college arranges seminars, conference and guest lectures by eminent figures in the field of medicine from abroad.

  • Spread over 2843100 sqft of land with built-up area 168440 sq ft.
  • Basic sciences Labs, Museums , Class Rooms, Library , Media Lab with internet facility, Recreation Hall, Mess, Sports Grounds etc
  • Separate Girls & Boys (students) Hostels And Faculty quarters & Guest House

TEACHING HOSPITAL, KOHALPUR The Main Teaching Hospital of 885 bedded capacity is located at Kohalpur, 16 Km from Nepalgunj and is the largest hospital in Far western Nepal. Kohalpur is a new township at the junction of East- West highways and the North-south Nepalgunj - Surkhet Highway. This hospital is fully equipped with modern and highly sophisticated medical equipments including Haemo-dialysis, CT- Scan, Lithotripsy, TMT, CR X-Ray, USG, Echocardiography etc.

  • Spread over 703,485 Sqft of land.
  • Total Built-up area 461,297 sqft& 885 Bedded Hospital.
  • Lecture theatres, class rooms etc.
  • Hostels for clinical students (separate for Girls & Boys)
  • Accommodation available for Doctors as Family Quarter and Single person

The second teaching Hospital owned by the college is located at Nepalgunj, a vibrant district headquarter town. This is 16 Km south from Main teaching Hospital and 6 Km away from Indian Border town, Rupaidhia (Baharaich).

  • Spread Over 47385 Sq Ft of land with Total Built-up area = 51980 Sq. feet.
  • 285 bedded Hospital with Neurosurgical Unit & super specialty hospital block
  • Class rooms, Media lab with internet, library etc