Trading Business Units

  • Representation & Projects Services
  • Office & Meeting Solutions
  • Agro & Chemical
  • Safety & Security Solutions
  • Information Mgmt. & Data Storage
  • Analytical & Medical Systems
  • Automotive


MDTS has been established with the vision of providing digital and customized mapping products. MDTS is a Joint Venture Company between Japanese Company MEIKEN CONSULTANTS CO. LTD. and PG. MDTS uses the latest technology available today for preparing Digital Maps and its final product is exported to clients abroad.

MEIKEN CONSULTANTS CO. LTD. established in 1965, is one of Japan’s leading Engineering Consultant Companies primarily for water supply works. Since its inception, MEIKEN has expanded its business activities into other fields such as Sewerage Works, Wastewater Treatment, Refuse Disposal, Environment related work and undertakes feasibility studies. They handle all work related to construction, supervision and management of the various facilities related to Water Supply and Sewerage.