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Founded in 1978 A.D. with the dawn of foreign trade in Nepal, PCC is a national leader for Export and Import Business.


PCC is a government-registered company which was established in the year 1978 A.D. with the dawn of foreign trade in Nepal. Three decades of experience in Export & Import Business, representing various international and multi-national companies from abroad, PCC has gained good reputation in and outside the Nepal.

PCC import covers wide range of engineering equipment, construction equipment, office equipment, telecommunication equipment, dairy equipment and many more. Apart from export & import business, PCC also undertakes various kinds of projects in Nepal jointly with foreign companies. PCC has been representing many companies from different parts of the world such as Denmark, Finland, USA, UK, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Belgium for facilitating the sales of their products and services in Nepal.

"In brief, PCC is an organization specialized in the project promotion and business securing activities."



Office Market Division (OMD)

OMD is fully autonomous division dedicated in providing hi-performance equipment and after sales services for uninterrupted office automation. OMD is backed by efficient group of marketing and technical people who are fully capable and have all the knowledge required for the operation of the products and after sales services leading to continuity in office automation. PCC hopes to meet the requirements of an office that is looking for high quality equipments that improves efficiency and productivity.


Technical Division (TD)

We have qualified group of engineers and technicians. All our technical personnel have been trained in their respective fields. PCC conducts regular trainings and sends its technical staff abroad to enhance their skill level so that they can easily adapt to the fast changing technology. Our technical staff has a very good record on service and been outstanding in providing best solutions to our customers. Regular visits to clients for maintenance are a part of their daily routine. PCC pays special attention on after sales services and focuses on "customer delight". PCC has a highly equipped maintenance section with all the modern tools under the technical division.


Medical Equipment Division (MED)

This division is actively involved in the sales and service of medical equipment. With the authorized distributorship of SHIMADZU CORPORATION of Japan, PCC has installed various medical equipments at various medical institutions in Nepal. PCC was able to win the first ever tender of solid-state detector CT SCAN in the country. Factory trained engineers and sales personnel are present to meet all the requirements of the customer right from enquiry phase to after sales service.


Analytical Instrument Division (AID)

PCC started Analytical Instrument Division representing Shimadzu Analytical Instrument of Shimadzu Corporation, which is one of the world's leading manufacturers of Analytical Instruments. In the short span of time, PCC has covered more than ninety percent of analytical instrument market in the pharmaceutical sector in Nepal. Other sectors of coverage are food labs, testing laboratories, food and beverage industries etc.


Safety & Security Solution Division (SSSD)

PCC has been providing wide range of products related to safety and security. These solutions mainly include Surveillance Camera, Biometric Solutions, Xray and walk through metal detectors. Till date PCC has provided its safety and security products and services to numerous HMG Offices, financial institutions, industries and private organizations.



This division provides various technology for aviation specially Communication, Navigation and Surveillance systems, power back ups and electrical systems, various facilitating systems like baggage lifting, xray screening systems, etc. The division has been very active and have secured many projects for itself or for its principal companies in last 2 decades including RADAR, ILS, MET systems, DVOR /DME, Radio, CVCF, baggage lifting, Departure Control systems, etc.